to this website which is mainly in Norwegian. It contains my work, both academic articles, newspapaper articles and books. All the newspaper articles are in Norwegian as well as a few books and some of the academic articles. You can get to the English articles and books by clicking on PUBLIKASJONER (publications), then BØKER (books) and FAGLIGE ARBEIDER (academic work). You are also welcome to contact me on janerik@janerikmustad.no.


I have worked with British Politics, Culture and Society since 1990. I have taught British Studies at the University of Oslo, the University of Agder and Telemark College. I currently work at the University of Agder. I comment on British affairs on radio and television for Norwegian Broadcasting Cooperation (NRK) and Norwegian TV2. I also give freelance lectures both in Norway and abroad, and I give courses in British Studies (see KURS in the menu) as part of teachers´ further education.


The idea with this website is to publish work as quickly as they are produced and published elsewhere. My hope is that you can enjoy some of the work written in English



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Jan Erik Mustad - Ragnhilds vei 3, 4633 Kristiansand, Norway - Tlf: 38 02 80 87 (priv), +47 47 91 30 10 (mob)
E-post: jan.e.mustad@uia.no

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